Be aware of your camera mechanical shutter expected lifetime.

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Re: Be aware of your camera mechanical shutter expected lifetime.

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This is the number of actuations the shutter is designed and warrantied to reach.

That is not true about warranty. The cameras all have warranties that are time based. Canon will not cover a failed shutter outside of the warranty period (typically 1 year) no matter how few actuations the camera has. .

Basically when it happens, not really if it happens because is you shoot enough it will happen. The worst sound you may have every heard. The sound hundreds of dollar going out the door. Canon swapped mine in two weeks and I it did not seem that much money considering it was dead and would not take picture and only made horrible sounds. I had the shutter replaced one for $300 12 years ago when I had 225,000 shots on a 100,000 shot Canon shutter.  I was shooting lots of high school football and indoor basketball games.   The camera came back perfect ready for 225,000 more shots.  No big deal except for $300, and two weeks of horrible thoughts and nightmares.

My first DSLR was the D30 and I have bought a new Canon DSLR and now MLC every couple of years.   This shutter failure was heartbreaking when it happend but it only happened once.  I shot more games that year but fortuneately it failed after the season was almost over.  I had a backup camera and all my lenses were good.  Still it was my first and only shutter in 38 years of film and digital shooting.   My cameras got faster in burst speed every couple of years. My R5 now does 12/20 fps.   I am very fond of the electronic shutter R5 with much lower artifact than the EOS R  and I am adjusting to only a visual click in the EVF and no shutter click.   However, I do love the quiet sound of the new R5 mechanical shutter.  Very smooth sound.

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