M4/3 reliable sports camera?

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Re: M4/3 reliable sports camera?

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Tried uploading some shots last night but DPR was utterly borked. Let's see... Okay, seems to be working. I shot a match yesterday.

I'll try some newer 300 Pro samples later. This is with the E-M1 mk1.



I seem to remember that you have posting your AF settings for soccer on the E-M1.2. I have been using an E-M1.1 for several years. I recently purchased an E-M5.3 and want to try it out for soccer. The AF system is more similar to the E-M1.2 and wonder if you could share your settings again.

BTW, my son is in his last year of soccer so the choice of the E-M5.3 over an E-M1.2 was based on the size for future travel and other uses. I will be keeping the E-M1.1 until at least the end of the season, but I a looking to give the E-M5.3 a shot this weekend.


I have both the E-M5 II and III. The AF on the III is far superior for sports than the II - PDAF.

This was the first opportunity I had to shoot sports with the E-M5 III. Out of 231 shots, I have 210 keepers. The AF is that much better with the III. I used C-AF + Tracking.

For me it is a comparison between the E-M1.1 and the E-M5.3. The E-M1.1 has 9 FPS and less viewfinder blackout. The E-M5.3 has the better AF system. I get good results with the E-M1.1 and I am wondering about the optimum settings for the E-M5.3 (which should be the same as the E-M1.2.

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