G9 (also GX80) my thoughts

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G9 (also GX80) my thoughts

In june this year I got my first G9, which for an absolute amateur was huge. I'd spent a few years looking learning and using my little EOS M. Couldnt really spare enough money to upgrade or justify it.

Sony and their FF had been an early leader, and seemed the way to go. A friend asked me about the GH5, the GH what? So I looked... and well the result is clear (my gear list).

Living in london weather sealing was something I felt I needed, and the camera needed to be tough. The E-m1ii stood out, its style I love, looks like Deckard might pick it up (blade runner), the more I looked at the menus the more I felt it might be alittle too much, on top of learning about this art (I dont really document tbh), Lumix and their similarity to canon stuck out to me (ease of use wise).

Fast forward to november, I took the strap lug triangle (thingy) off and realised the lug was loose, after issues with the order, a refund! Wow, with all the FF and lumix jumping in too, do I 'upgrade'? No, the G9 was more than I hoped for and I missed it alot, I even bought a gx80 in the mean time! Wonderful little pocketable camera (got a 14mm 2.5 ii to help with that) that will go everywhere the G9 doesnt.

So second G9, no issues, lugs solid! yay!

A photographer I'm not, an editor I'm not, somewhere inbetween, MFT has pulled me over from the editing side being what I look forward to, tiny cameras like the EOS M and gx80 are marvelous, but the usability of the G9 makes the photography side so much easier for me.

I'd never held the G9 before the day it turned up at my door, its size as weight were similar enough to the canon 6D (a camera I'm very familiar with and love) that I took the risk.
The PL 12-60mm and the PL 25mm I was lucky enough to have as my start into MFT, I could probably use these two lenses for the rest of my days and be happy, I'm not one that plans to/wants to have a lens collection, though the MFT line up has many temptations! That 50-200mm is like a 80s lamborghini to me, I need to put a poster up on my wall of it XD

Without the large cameras (G9, GH5/s and EM1/ii) I'd never have looked at the system seriously, I'm just happy these cameras seem to be amoungst the top sellers (in MFT).
I hope big and small MFT goes on, I've been wowed over and over, not just by hardware in hand and on paper, or performance, but by the great posters on here, challenge winners, and some of the most helpful knowledgeable people I've had the pleasure to read posts from on any of the sub forums, thank you all for your help!

So the point of this post, I'm not sure, maybe to add a little extra for someone looking at MFT or the G9, who knows.

possibly animal AF

it was so bright that day

the middle of a multi kick combo, bursting away

some wires edited out

shadows lifted 50+ (ish)

this always makes me smile

clarity, texture and dehaze all reduced I believe

my dirty windows XD

all that needs to be said is the first few I took were at 1/60, when I realised I had to laugh, clearly not a birder

pic 7 mixed twice with a selfie from earlier that day

I havent asked my portrait subjects for permission to post their pics, trying to learn flash too, had some fun results, thats my main interest/goal, and most of the pics I've taken.

These are from my walks in the local park mainly.

Also no NR or sharpening, texture and clarity I usually drop a little too.


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