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Re: Well What do you think??

Personally, I am quite pleased with my sdQ, and to some lesser extent I remain pleased with my SD10. Is the sdQ a perfect camera? No, but it comes pretty close with an OS lens. That should take care of about 90% of all shots.

I remain intrigued with the fp. I am hopeful about the FFF, in the sense that that I want Sigma to get it right.

As David Millier points out from time to time, you do not need the very latest equipment to make very good and excellent images. You just need to understand what you want to accomplish and have a plan for doing it.

The Sigma Foveon cameras are "niche" in the sense that they provide very high image quality, with the attributes of high contrast and great color. I fail to see how that can get old. But if you feel the need to be part of the Bayer herd there are plenty of good ways to scratch that itch. Your new or newish Bayer camera will not provide all the attributes of Foveon, but it will be more versatile. So you can make more ordinary images in more situations. No one will criticize your decision. You will be welcomed to the herd.

What I find myself amused with are the images from the fp, which look slightly different from the usual Bayer. Really quite charming.

And so, what's the hurry? Sigma will do what it does and if you keep using the Sigma cameras you have, without butchering them for some specialized use, you will have excellent cameras that will work as long as you do. What's the hurry?

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