Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

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Re: Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

Nicolas_K wrote:

Has the D800 held up well enough in 2020 to justify the price?

It's a good camera, but you have to be aware of the quirks that some of them had.

1) On my D800, other than the center auto focus point, most of the others are unreliable, so yes, that's a real problem. I just use the center AF point which works flawlessly. Frustrating but I make it work.

2) On the D800's rear display, colors appear slightly more green than they actually are. This doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm really shocked that so many people complained about it.

3) The above average mirror vibration of the D800 does blur images when using light weight lenses and shutter speeds that aren't roughly double or higher than double the lenses focal length. I've cured this by only using my heavy lenses with my D800 (80-200mm AFS, Sigma ART 18-35). Heavy lenes dampen the vibration.

So check to see if all auto focus points are working properly on it before purchasing.

So to recap, yes, it's a good camera. But honestly, so is every other full frame Nikon camera regardless of megapixel quantity. You can capture AMAZING images to today's standards with anyone of them.

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Spoiler Alert: 4K resolution is only 8.3MP

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