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Re: Help with Aperture priority

Greg7579 wrote:

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

1) Does the image look good in the EVF? You’re done.

Erik, I know you know this but that is not really the case. I wish that it were...

The rest of your post assumes that the data being displayed in the EVF or on the LCD live view (histo, blinkies, etc...) is accurate for the raw, which it of course is not. It's the data in-camera video / jpeg and can vary fairly significantly from the raw.

Actually, with a little know-how, the blinkies are very accurate for judging sensor saturation, and unlike the histogram, they are far less likely to miss registering small areas of potential overexposure, and also unlike the histogram, they show precisely where any potential clipping may occur. I only shoot RAW and my files are exposed exactly as intended pretty much every single time (and yes, this is confirmed with RawDigger). There's a little creative interpretation involved, but I find the blinkies to be every bit as reliable as going the uniWB route, and without the green EVF and other related hassles.

But your post had some good tips in it and I know what you mean.

Also, I don't like Auto ISO at all. But I know a lot of guys who do that are better photographers than me.

Why don''t you like it? It allows your camera to automatically (and instantly) get your exposure in the ballpark for you to quickly tweak with one dial (if necessary) and, most importantly, it does it with 100% of your creative intent intact. No brainer, IMO.

If you want the best IQ on a tripod, just set the ISO the base setting for normal manual operation (I like the SS in "T" mode for this)

If you want to ride the SS to for best results in low light with variable subject motion, just set the SS dial to "T" and control it with the rear dial, the EC dial will still fine-tune the ISO.

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