Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

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Re: Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

Truman Prevatt wrote:

What would the 80 mm of the medium format be on the APS-C, as I still can not visualize how much of that lens would be used (the image circle)?

The image circle on an Hassey 80 mm is designed to cover corner to corner a 60 mm by 60 mm negative. The equivalent FOV is about a 50 mm FF lens (the 80 is the "normal lens for the 6x6). So there is plenty of image circle to cover an APSC - only using the sweet spot of the of the lens. You might want to pick up an adaptor that uses the Hassey on the X mount (if one exist) and see how it works.

This goes right back to your original question.  80mm is 80mm.  It doesn't matter whether it's on a medium format, full frame, or APS-C camera body.  The image circle will change of course, but the focal length is what it is.

An 80mm lens coupled with an APS-C sensor is still an 80mm lens.  It doesn't matter what the image circle is.  If you put an 80mm lens on an APS-C camera it's going to give you a FOV that would be equivalent to having used a 120mm lens on a full frame camera.

And medium format lenses don't come that wide.  40mm in medium format lenses is considered ultra-wide (there are some wider ones) and that would still only be a 60mm FOV on APS-C.

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