Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

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Re: Question about tilt-shift adapting a normal lens.

HybridN wrote:

Thank you for your replies, and I specially appreciate your help michaeldawson. The part with the shifted distortions would never go through my mind, and only in experience you would stumble upon it. It was a great point, and maybe a tipping point that shift adapters are not the best idea. That would get other problems for the architecture photography that are not worth the hassle. The simplest way seems like a wide angle lens meant for FUJI and correct the distortions in post. And maybe Fuji line is not the best choice in this line of photography.

I wouldn't abandon the idea completely due to my caution.  All I'm saying is that you need to pick your lens carefully.  The Samyang/Rokinon 14mm would be a poor choice if you are in the least bit picky about straight lines in architecture.  The mustache type distortion doesn't help either.

Other lenses that have a much lower level of distortion may be perfectly usable for your purposes.  That's one of the problems with APS-C and wide angle.  To get a 24mm FOV you need to use a 16mm lens.  Longer lenses are usually better corrected but now you may not have enough FOV to frame a large building if you can't move far enough back.

I even found the Samyang to be somewhat OK for personal travel photo usage.  You just might not want to publish the images in an Architecture magazine.

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