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Re: Camera for cycling travel

YWG wrote:

madem wrote:



  • As i will travel by bike, i'm looking for some specific characteristics
  • the camera need to be small and light (easy to transport)
  • i will take photography but mostly use videos functionalities
  • good autofocus (especially for vlogging parts)
  • possibility to use an external micro
  • reverse screen
  • budget >= 1000 €
  • resistant (bad weather incoming and i will sleep everyday outside, in my tent)

I feel like a highend smartphone meets those requirements.

The Sony and Canon you mention are not weather sealed. I have no experience with this but I often wonder when I jog through the woods if the vibration is compromising my camera. There would be a lot of bike vibration.

I don't check for smartphones alternatives. Maybe it could be interesting. I need to check it.

The lack of weather sealed is a bad point. I will try to do my best to keep my equipment safe. Unfortunately, i didn't find

Bike vibration it is not a problem. As i said, i will use my GoPro when filming from my bike. The GoPro stabilization is enough. I already tested it and the quality video is great.

The camera will be to film all scenes except when i'm cycling or climbing.

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