Composites: Photoshop or On1 RAW?

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Re: Composites: Photoshop or On1 RAW?

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ADW02 wrote:

In looking at the idea of creating composite compositions in natural light on an advanced amateur basis, so far as I can tell there are just two photo development programs that do that, Photoshop and On1 RAW. I'm using the 2021 version of both of these, but in considering economics and capability, I'm wondering which of these would be the most capable for composites.

Can't Affinity Photo do it too? It's not something I do, but I think Affinity has all the relevant tools, and some might be easier to use than the PS equivalents.

Thank you very much for sending along that info. I just happen to own Affinity, along with its training book, but had never really worked with the program. Only a few weeks ago I bought a much more powerful PC than the six-year-old one I had, but haven't gotten around to reinstalling Infinity into it. I will do that today.

Note that this course say, "This is not a course that teaches the basics of Affinity Photo — it is a course that takes your Affinity Photo skills to the next level". So, if you're not already quite familiar with AP, you might find it easier to start with an intro course first, or at least watch some if the many free video tutorials on-line.

I would guess that the composite training course that can be bought for Affinity will include all source photos,

Yes, it says, "Each project contains all of the downloadable assets you need to follow along".

and it looks to me as though it comes at a very reasonable price. At least from what I can see right now, the composites that are created are everything I would want, at least for next few years. And if indeed Infinity does the job, since I already own On1 2021 and Luminar 4/AI (each specializing in ways that the other doesn't), along with Infinity I just can't see why I would want to continue paying an annual $120 lease fee to Adobe.

Again, thank for the heads-up; I really appreciate it.

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