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Re: Help with Aperture priority

Some really puzzling responses here about estimating ISO etc. Auto ISO is super easy to use, and with a preset chosen for your minimum acceptable SS will always guarantee the lowest (and cleanest) possible value with the other parameters you have set. We’re talking about mirrorless cameras here with real time exposure preview - there’s really no need for spot metering or looking at a meter reading at all.

Try setting your EC dial to C, and with a manually set aperture and using an Auto-ISO preset with a minimum SS chosen for the lens/shooting situation (I tend to use 1/80”, 1/160”, or 1/320” and a max ISO of 12800 for all three (better noisy than blurry). Accurate automatic exposure with manual fine-tuning couldn’t be easier:

1) Does the image look good in the EVF? You’re done.

2) Too Dark? Bump up the EC with the front dial (I highly recommend using the highlight warning blinkies to prevent you from going too far ( “just” blinking is OK for RAW shooters)

3) Too bright/highlights blinking? Turn down the EC.

With Auto-ISO on, the camera will automatically choose an exposure (I highly recommend Multi, not Center Weighted) and EC on the front dial will allow you to manually fine tune the exposure if needed by adjusting the SS if higher than your minimum SS is possible and will adjust ISO if it isn’t. You will always get the fastest SS and/or the lowest ISO possible.
So, look through the viewfinder, tweak the front dial as needed, push the shutter button - fast, easy, perfect exposure every time and can you continuously shoot, walking from blazing sunshine into a dark interior space without having to change anything at all.

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