DIY barn door star tracker

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Re: DIY barn door star tracker

th3_n3wb13 wrote:

I'm going to build a DIY barn door star tracker. I live in Illinois. I did some research and read the when using a barn door star tracker, we should aim the hinge for north polaris star. My confusion is on the position of my dslr camera. Is it true that once the diy star tracker is focused or aimed, we can point the camera to anywhere in the sky and not worry about stars streaking during long exposures?

The hinge should point at Polaris to counteract for the rotation of the earth. The tracker should follow the sun, moon, planets and stars (which seems to move across the sky because the earth rotate). The hinge must point towards the celestial pole all the time.

The polar axks is parallell to the rotational axis of the earth.

Add a good ball head and the camera can be pointed anywhere at the sky.

And the polar axis of the tracker can keep staring at the celestial pole while taking image after image - all with those pinpoint stars.

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