Easy question about IQ Z 50 vs. Z 5?

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Re: Easy question about IQ Z 50 vs. Z 5?

Hi Fz,

the comparison is quite easy: Same scene, different gear. No scientific testing. Analyzing and pixel-peeping the taken photos, I shoot raw only and the Fuji raws (xtrans) look somehow strange. I never saw this degree of "watercolour" effect on raw files. I used ACR for developping my raw files. And yes - in terms of Fuji capture one does the better job - however the files (zoomed in) still looked strange.
Furthermore i never experienced such a quantity of unsharp photos i had using Fuji equipment. I used several XT30 - with 18-55 and 16-50 lenses - 10% of my shots were unsharp. Talked to Fuji, showed the files. Camera was checked and optimized at fuji - same thing again. On top of this: In the last 20 years i NEVER had problems with any kind of SD- or CF-cards. The XT30 "killed" one of my sd-cards. 6 hours of shooting in the snow were destroyed. Although the camera's display didn't show any sign of misfunction and numbers were counted from shot to shot. That was my very own personal experience. The Fuji watercolour and unsharp-topic was and is discussed in detail in lots of threads. So Fuji isn't (anymore) for me ...

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