Be aware of your camera mechanical shutter expected lifetime.

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Re: Be aware of your camera mechanical shutter expected lifetime.

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Some Canon cameras have a higher quality shutter built into the camera body than others. Incidentally, this is true of all cameras, not just Canon models and Sony tens to be less than the recent best 500,000 shot Canon models. I had he the shutter replaced one for $300 years ago when I had 225,000 shots on a 100,000 shot Canon shutter. IMO Can makes awesome arifact free mechanical shutters like no other company.

Note: These numbers don’t mean your camera shutter is guaranteed to fail at or near this count. Some shutters go well beyond these numbers while others don’t make these numbers. This is the number of actuations the shutter is designed and warrantied to reach.

Camera Model Shutter Actuation Lifespan
Canon 1D Mark IV 300,000
Canon 1D C/1D X Mark II/1D X 400,000
Canon 1D X Mark III 500,000
Canon 5DS/5DS R 150,000
Canon 5D Mark IV/ 5D Mark III/5D Mark II 150,000
Canon 6D Mark II/6D 150,000
Canon 7D Mark II 200,000
Canon 7D 150,000
Canon 90D 120,000
Canon 80D/70D/60D/50D/40D 100,000
Canon M6 Mark II/M6/M5 /M3/M50/M10 100,000
Canon R5 500,000
Canon R6 300,000
Canon R 200,000
Canon RP 100,000
Canon Rebel(T7i through T1i) 100,000

The Electronic Shutter when used will not wear the mechanical shutter except for turning on or off the camera.

Not sweating it.

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