Quick Sharpness Comparison: Sigma 35F2 v.s. Sony/Samyang 35mm F1.8

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Quick Sharpness Comparison: Sigma 35F2 v.s. Sony/Samyang 35mm F1.8

The recent release of Sigma's I series intrigued me, especially the 35mm. HenceI borrowed Christopher Frost Photography 's youtube review as a starting point to compare all the budget (but still decently fast) 35mm options. The good thing about his extremely standardized way of doing review is that it provides a rare opportunity to compare different lenses.

The candidates are:

- Sigma 35mm F2

- Sony 35mm F1.8

- Samyang 35mm F1.8

- Samyang 45mm F1.8 (just for fun)

I only compare wide-open sharpness at standard and minimum focus distance. Here's the result:

Here Sigma 35 is the clear winner above others, even performs significantly better than Sony 35. Center sharpness is identical, but Sigma wins at corner sharpness and CA control. There's almost no sign of purple fringing but Sony's corner is kind of out of control. Consider its cheaper retail price and better control/build quality than Sony 35, I would say it is very impressive.

Surprisingly Samyang 35 also beats Sony 35 in terms of CA and sharpness at the corner of the frame. Samyang 35 also has maybe a slight edge in center sharpness (I think the difference is within the range of sample variance hence insignificant). but Sony has better CA control at the center of the frame though. Considering the price difference I would say Samyang is also impressive in terms of cost-performance.

Samyang 45 is definitely the weakest. The corner falls apart.

However, if you care about close-up performance Sony is the winner here. It can get closer and still remain decent sharpness.

My conclusion is that, image quality wise, if you have budget then go for Sigma for way better CA control, and some quality of life improvements like aperture ring and rubber weather sealing gasket. If you have limited budget then go for Samyang. I guess Sony should be better in terms of autofocus performance.

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