Photographing Saturday's SpaceX launch Question

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Re: Photographing Saturday's SpaceX launch Question

red sled wrote:

Planning to be in Titusville for this Saturday's SpaceX launch. I'll have my D500 and Nikon AF-S 500 f/4 VR lens and TC-20EIII. Can anyone suggest whether at this distance I should have the TC installed or just use the 500 f/4 without the teleconverter ? I wish I'd had this equipment when we watched the final launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia.

I really don't know what the best choice is. I found that shooting with my Canon 1D series I'm a long lens with a teleconverter, the 2x converter was significantly worse than the 1.4x converter. It was a matter of final image contrast. I do not have a converter for my d750 so I cannot really comment on the Nikon system

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