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Re: Any free shutter count on R

Suave wrote:

Explanation A: Cameras with low shutter count are a viable and cost-efficient alternative to new cameras, making access to this information more complicated makes used cameras less attractive and may increase sales.

Explanation B: Canon got peeved that people have hacked their OS.

People were hacking the OS and then attempting to restore original OS without perfect success leaving behind remants of their hacked code. The camera were sold as used and then ended up in repair with odd bugs. Canon does not want used camera buyers to be fooled so they encryted their software more is my guess.

Canon should make shutter count and start date a standard feature of the camera IMO.

This part of the long list of things Canon should do that never get done.  There was a used EOS R buyer a few days ago on the forum that had a botched firmware from some hacker trying to turn it into an Astro model of the camera with modifed IR response.   When use as a normal camera this buyer thought he bought the pictues all had a major red tint.  This does not help Canon or used camera buyers at all.

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