Time for a re-invention for us older photographers

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Re: Time for a re-invention for us older photographers

I too am an older photographer.    Through all the decades it has taken to become an older photographer, my objective has been to produce as high a quality of images as I can, within the limitations of having only 35mm equipment.

By the time I converted to digital, around eleven years ago, it had become a relatively stable and mature technology.

I have full frame and APS-C gear, along with a number of small sensor cameras.   Other than a very few 'tough' cameras,  these have pretty much been supplanted by cell phone cameras.     Despite scorn from some quarters regarding small sensors, my experience is that if I have good enough light in quality and quantity, operate within the design (not quality) limitations of the camera, make my exposures as accurate as I can, and do a proper job of post processing, I can make 11X14" prints indistinguishable from those I make with my APS-C equipment.      These prints are so far superior to the same, or smaller size, film prints that there is no comparison.     And even with all the features common to contemporary cameras, which were absent from my film gear, these cameras are about the size of a deck of cards.

On the other end of the format size scale, my first outing with my then-new full frame system was a car show cruise late in the afternoon (changing light) where I had to zoom as I panned and composed.      Within the first 30 minutes I concluded that this was the most capable photographic instrument I had ever handled.    I am still amazed at the quality of those initial images.

Even if, and I find this extremely doubtful, the numerous engineering obstacles could be overcome in developing such a device, it would be of no interest to me because it would not improve my photographs.    I haven't even purchased adapters to use my film lenses  because I see no benefit over my current lenses.

As much as I admire and respect the design, engineering and craftsmanship that went into my film gear, other than to use it just for the sake of using it, I see no photographic benefit.

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