Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus RF 24-240/F4-6.3?

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Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the Canon RF 24-105/F4 versus the RF 24-240/F4-6.3. Obviously the latter is a superzoom and a bit slower. However, I currently have the RF24-105 and am somewhat tempted to trade is for the 24-240 for increased versatility as a travel/walk around lens. Thought being, neither are particularly fast for indoor use but the superzoom gives so much extra range. However, would I be given up significant image quality (sharpness, etc) of with the non-L lens?

For reference, I typically shoot outdoor lanscape/family/dogs. Other lenses I own for are the RF 15-35/2.8 which I would use for outdoor landscapes often and the RF35/1.8 which could give some increased light indoors. If I went that route maybe I'd consider picking up another prime for indoor/portrait.

Anyone else considered such a switch? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

To me the 24-105 4L seems to straddle that line where I'd want a zoom for flexibility vs a prime for IQ and speed. It's not quite as good or fast as most primes are going to be in the overlapping range, but it's close enough and f4 works for a good range of uses.

I don't own the 24-240, so I'll have to comment based on what I've read (and handling one at a store), but it seems to be just on the other side of that line where I'd be more likely to want to carry along a prime or 2 to supplement it, thus taking away some of its advantage.

2 different lenses for different uses. I wouldn't mind owning one, but I would not give up my 24-105 for one, but that's just me.

I actually wish Canon had gone with a bit less FL range and maybe settled for 7.1 on the long end and gotten the size down a bit. It's a pretty big lens (especially on a RP) and one reason to use such a lens is to have it with you at all times. The size doesn't help that. Look at Tamron's 28-200 and Nikon's 24-200 for an idea how to shrink a superzoom down to a more manageable size. Of course you give up something, but I like the tradeoffs on those lenses better.

The RF24-105mmf4 is no worse than the RF 24-240mm but not very much better either in my experience with both providing you using the standard Canon or good lens corrections and ignore the uncorred RAW files. I both and I like both. I will get rid of either but most of the time I favor the RF24-240 to around, walkaround, hiking traveling lens. The reach is marvelous at times but can take more workflow. The 24-105 is a weather sealed L lens and that has value. This lens is much better for 2K/4KHQ Video for smoother better 4X optical video zooms.

Different shooter will prefer different lenses. For quality shots I have RF150-35 and RF24-70mm. The RF 240-105mm is a great lens but for me it definitely the mister in between that does not get all the love it deserves. For 24mm shots on the R5 I prefer the 24-105mm. However from 30mm-150mm the RF 24-240 is the best 5X superzoom I have owned and from 24-240 it is better than the heavier more expensive 10X Big White L zooms I have owned. I think it is the best FF 10X zoom I have ever tried. All my RF lenses are amazing in some sense. 100% for five RF zooms. However, the they all are for different uses and people are different. I love sealed lenses but they cost more money. Not all my lenses are sealed.

I recommend the RF24-240 corrections built int DXO PL 4, DPP4 or SOOC JPEGs as this lens is part on the new "digital mirroless" era that are designed with strong consideration for the best corrected images and not the best looking uncorrected RAW images.

This is the result of anew design philosophy being followed by Sony in their 24-240 results in an alternative designs and better output results in sharper, more contrast, lighter, smaller, lower cost lenses with more zoom range.   The digital processing  methods are closely integrated into the lens design using powerful computer optimization tools.   People that just use only the look of the uncorrected RAW optical image will have a hard time to fairly judge these new lenses by pixel peeping RAW files.

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