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Re: Help with Aperture priority

I use aperture priority with auto-iso mostly. When on a tripod (I'm mostly a landscape guy), I'll typically shoot manually at base ISO.

I've set the left 4-way controller button to quickly choose from my already set auto-iso settings. Super easy to select one of the three auto-iso settings without removing my eye from the viewfinder.

These are my auto-iso settings:

AUTO 1 (my general purpose setting for casual shots, backyard family stuff):

Default Sensitiivity 160 - Max sensitivity 6400 - Min SS 1/200.

AUTO 2 (my usual setting for better IQ, used for handheld landscapes):

Default Sensitiivity 160 - Max sensitivity 1600 - Min SS Auto.

AUTO 3 (this is the "get the shot" setting, used when trying to get the shot when sticking my head out of a moving bus window, not used too often)

Default Sensitiivity 160 - Max sensitivity 12,800 - Min SS 1/200.

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