Z 6II does birds

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Re: Z 6II does birds

Mikspin wrote:

Impressive and with the dx 50-250 lens at 10 mpx no less. I think the birders should shut up and learn this new camera AF system ( hint, it's not like a D500), before they pontificate on the superiority of their pet oldie. It is not my old Z6 either. Stop lauding your old AF systems and embrace the new. The Z 6ii autofocus is better than anything out there. But it is different, practice. Mine came yesterday, I was up to three in the morning setting it up. Looking forward to the new learning curve. what little I have seen has convinced me not to look back. It is time to stop the "vs" bull and on with the new. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

I don’t think you can honestly say it is the best out there, but I think it is better than a lot of people give it credit for. I have the first gen Z6 and Z7 and have a Z7ii preordered. The AF has come a long way with the firmware updates and I find it very usable for most things. There are some other issues for BIF with the current Z cameras, but that isn’t something I shoot often. IMO, we need to really need to see improved tracking mode functionality and get the native Z super telephoto lenses. It would be better if tracking was its own AF option and not part of auto area af to start and improving the algorithms would go a long way. I hope the ii version is noticeably improved with eye AF. It is actually a feature I appreciate more than I thought.

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