X-T3 vs X-T4 (current and future differences)

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Re: X-T3 vs X-T4 (current and future differences)

Rmcp20 wrote:

After failing to get the X-T3 with the 18-55 because stock run out during a promotion, i haven't seen any prices close to €1050. I was just a bit late...

So now i'm...waiting, as there were not black friday apealing deals.

During my wait i debated with myself if extra cost of the X-T4 would be a good investment.


1 - IBIS:

I only shoot family videos and usually with a stabilized lens, either 18-55 or 55-200, so not a must have.

However i shoot portraits and one of the lens i use is a Viltrox 85mm 1.8. How beneficial can flash be for this combo? Is it a considerable benefit or not?

At flash sync speeds i see IBIS as a probable improvement which could allow to save flash battery avoiding HSS. But at 1/250 in those two is it needed?

With my X-T30 the sync speed was 1/180s, and i didn't risk it and used 1/250 or above.

2 - Articulated screen:

Would preffer the Tilting screen from X-T3, but can get used to X-T4 easily i guess.

For street i use my X-T20 anyway, much smaller and good enough.

3 - Battery

Of course a real benefit, not that carrying around 1 or 2 extra batteries caused any issues, but i was planning to start doing weddings regularly as a second photographer last year and keep the plan for 2021 (maybe....), so this can be between a nice and must have.

4 - Future firmware updates

Here is the point that can balance the decision. What future updates can come to the X-T4? I see a few of them, some with benefits for myself:

a) Better AF / Eye-AF

b) Hi-Res or Pixel shift

c) Animal eye-AF (not really a decision factor for me)

If IBIS is worth the extra $700 then the XT4 is the option.  There are other amenities with the XT4 but for me it was about in body stabilization.  I see B&H is selling the XT3 for $1500 with a lens which is ridiculous so it's a hard decision if you're on the fence about needing IBIS.

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