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Re: Nikon 300 PF with TC-17Eii sample pics

ARClark wrote:

melvinb wrote:

Tom Stites wrote:

Given that you said you're planning on keeping the 200-500, have you considered the Nikon 500pf or is it out of your budget range?

You mention shooting birds, so it's likely that you've been using the 200-500 at the longer end of it's range As a long time user of the 200-500, it's going to be hard to match in terms of image quality at the long end with any lens that is smaller and lighter, other than the 500pf or as another commented, a 300pf with extender.

While I just received my 500pf a little over a week ago, I'm incredibly impressed with the IQ and the ease of shooting with it handheld. AF is very noticeably faster than the 200-500.

With the lens and a TC-14E III I've got 4 optional focal lengths at my disposal with the D850 and D500.

D850 500mm and 700mm w/TC

D500 750mm and 1050mm w/TC

Like you, I plan on keeping the 200-500 for now for those occasions where I don't mind the size weight and want the flexibility of the zoom.


Will never, ever get rid of 200-500. Out of my cold, dying hands. I love it.

Budget would be in 1400 or under range. Nikon 500 pf is out of range. Have to look at 300pf with extender. I may have dismissed this too rapidly.

I use the D500 and 200-500 a lot. I have a lower grade Nikon that I carry along but not with the reach of what I need.



Just food for thought. Took these in my backyard yesterday handheld with a D850, 300 PF and TC-17Eii (500mm). They were shot wide open at f/6.7. They've been cropped and processed with Topaz sharpening and noise reduction, but they're original size. The lens actually performed better than I thought it would with the TC-17.


You make a very compelling argument.  Razor-sharp.  1.66  pounds.  This are photos like mine (except yours are better).  I have to give this some thought.  Thanks for sharing.


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