Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

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Re: Is the D800 worth it at this price in 2020?

Tom Joad wrote:

Nicolas_K wrote:

...I found a used D800 for under 600€. Note that this is at a reputable camera store, not eBay, so I trust the camera to be in good condition. Has the D800 held up well enough in 2020 to justify the price? Any input, especially from (former) D800 users, is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

(Note on pricing: "under 600€" equates to about 700$, though mind you sales tax is preapplied where I live.)

In my opinion yes the camera is worth that price. I recently sold my D800 for more than that and got a D850. I'm mostly a still shooter. While I'm very happy with the D850 and glad I upgraded, for most photos I cannot tell the difference vs. the D800. The D800 is a superb camera and the price you name seems fair given that it's a reputable camera store, presumably with a return option if for any reason you are unhappy.

IMO you cannot buy any interchangeable lens camera that is better than the D800 at that price point, for still photos. Video of course would complicate the matter but I've always been able to get solid video from the d800 within its limits.

In general I think used cameras are one of the greatest bargains in life provided you know what you want/need, don't overpay and are able to avoid getting burned. The reputable dealer aspect really helps lower the risk of being burned. I'd say get it, absent other info.

The other info that would be helpful is what type of shooting you plan for the camera.

I opted for the D800E because the D800 had some issues early on...but I do have the Tamron 35 f1.4 and I like that lens very much here is a sample shot from my D800E

+ Tamron 35mm f1.4:

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