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Re: Well What do you think??

Roger wrote:

Greetings and Happy Holidays to All

Well I'm probably going to get flamed for this, but here's it goes. Do you think we'll ever going to see the FF Foveon? Or do you believe that Sigma's new direction if the FP style? I know it's a tough market out there but I, myself don't know which way to jump or if I want to jump. I have one SD14, and SD15 left that work. I have one SD1 that has bad AF a SDQ that seems ok and a SDQ-H with a sticky front wheel, sometime it works and some time it doesn't not to mention it likes to over heat. So as you know I started looking around but nothing, not even the FP comes close to the Foveon, and now only lenses for the L mount and the E mount/Sony. It seems Sony and Sigma are together???

I don't know, but it also seems like the group here is getting smaller. Less people.

Thank you for letting me vent, I hope something good pops up.

I given up all my other cameras, and just have my Sigma's now.

Stay safe, but enjoy

Roger J.

Roger J,

I gave the following reply to a post by larryj earlier. I think it applies here also.

"Holding out also for the FFF but feeling kind of like missing out when I see what the fp is capable of in situations where it would be difficult to work with any of my Foveon sensor cameras. Tempted to go for the fp but expensive compared to the likes of a good Sony A7 ii which I use occasionally and can use my SA lenses on it also. If the fp had an EVF I would definitely consider it and ditch the Sony.

Anyway with lockdowns ongoing and not a lot of photography I will wait and see if the FFF gets off the ground and see what it will be like. It would have to be very much improved from the noise point of view in lower light and at higher ISOs before I would consider it. Otherwise it would be no better than my SD1M & dp & sd Qs".


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