Mac Mini upgrade on a budget

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Re: Mac Mini upgrade on a budget

Alessandro63 wrote:

A Mac mini 2011 is what I'm still using for my job (graphics).

I installed a second drive (SSD) and 16MB of RAM. It works nicely.

The main problem now is that High Sierra is the last system we can have, and those nice people at Adobe have decided it won't work any more with their latest software.

Including the DNG Converter.  I was very surprised to discover THAT the other day!  Not only does the latest version of DNG Converter require Mojave or better, but old versions seem to be gone from the Adobe site.  Thus, my iMac (which can't run anything beyond High Sierra) is stuck with a version of DNG Converter that's several versions behind the last one that High Sierra can run.

I know that Adobe is big on supporting only the last three versions of macOS.  But in the case of DNG Converter, one might have hoped that they would have made an exception.

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