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zakaria wrote:

MrB1 wrote:

At last - an injection of some reality here. A fair and accurate comment, Ashley, presented in a kind and constructive manner, and made with some courage as it challenges the prevailing trend of this thread.


Yes Philip. It is a valuable commitment. As I mentioned on the OP it is a snap shot i just wanted to bring a different type of photography of an village in Egypt not the usual " temple or pyramid "

Hello Zakaria. I think you realise that my comments are not directed at you, but rather at the nature of the majority of replies to your thread. It is good of you to remind everyone of your OP, in which you stated that the images are snapshots. As such, they make an interesting album about the village children.

Ashley's example indicates that, as photographs, they could have been improved at the capture stage and, as you have added, sometimes we don't have time to get everything right so the results are less than optimal.

Even so, some of the snaps have potential and, in my view, the last one might be the most powerful of the set after a bit of editing to take it beyond a snapshot: e.g. a change of framing and backgound -


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