Mac Mini upgrade on a budget

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Re: Mac Mini upgrade on a budget

A Mac mini 2011 is what I'm still using for my job (graphics).

I installed a second drive (SSD) and 16MB of RAM. It works nicely.

The main problem now is that High Sierra is the last system we can have, and those nice people at Adobe have decided it won't work any more with their latest software. For a professional it means dead end: clients are sending files created with the latest versions of illustrator and indesign (photoshop is safe, luckily they cannot break bitmap images too...), so I cannot edit their files any more unless I ask them to save a legacy version (in a normal workflow, asking clients to change something is an hassle).

Moral: thanks to adobe I must buy a newer system. I cannot switch to other software, due to compatibility problems.

You are going to enjoy your mini for some time if you install an SSD. But keep in mind that, if you use photoshop or lightroom, you cannot update and use the latest bells and whistles.

An M1 mini seems the best option right now, or better in some months, until software glitches are fixed.

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