X-T4 IBIS for stills? How slow can you go?

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Re: X-T4 IBIS for stills? How slow can you go?

Neuro13 wrote:

I’m an X-T3 user who shoots a lot in low light, often without a tripod. I mainly use a 23mm F1.4 and 10-24mm F4.

The X-T3 sensor performs very well in terms of higher ISO, but I have been eyeing up the X-T4 and the IBIS is a big part of the appeal.
I know the IBIS of the X-T4 seems primarily aimed at video shooters, but I’m wondering for those of you who use it for stills, how useful is it? Does anyone use it with the above lenses?

Any experience or input is most appreciated

Hi, I only use IBIS in my T4 for stills and I tested how slow I could go and for me it 1/3 SS. I don’t think I’ll ever need to actually do 1/3 but I know I can. So far I haven’t gone past iso 400 since I bought my T4 when it came out.

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After all is said and done and your photo is hanging on the wall, no one is going to know or care what camera, lens, or what post processing you used. All they care about is if the image moves them.
I’m not hung up on the Bokeh fad because I’m too busy chasing shadows.

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