Is 17-35mm f2.8 Nikon still good?

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Re: Nikon site good because of MTF

Bernard Delley wrote:

Nikon's international site is valuable because it shows their MTF expectations for a lens in their tech specs. On the wide end of the 17-35mm, a dramatic drop of MTF at 10 c/mm is to be expected in the outer part of the image (radius=21.6mm). and of course more drop at 30 c/mm. For sagittal it ends a zero contrast in the corner. This is really not great, especially if they say so themselves.

Nikon MTF information is limitation to wide open - most lenses with poor corner MTF wide open improve dramatically by landscape apertures such as f8 & f11.

The lens was introduced in 1998.

I consider it naive to expect last centuries wide open corner MTF - other than for long telephotos - to match more recent optical designs.

For an appalling (by my standards) MTF have a look at Nikon's figures for the 50mm f1.4 D.

I never owned the 17-55 - but assume it is fine (as most lenses are) around f8-11.

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