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Hi, I am in the process of colorizing all my grand-pa's pictures that are 105 + years old on my 2018 ipad pro version with the help of an app specialized for that, unfortunately the soldiers' uniforms colors don't match at all, I do know the app's limits and would like to know if there would be a way to add this extra edit to colorize only the soldiers uniforms.
I use Gimp btw.

Thanks for the help !

That is my main critcism of colourising old photographs, how do we know if the colours are accurate? The answer is we can't and don't know.

The app does indeed a great job by supposingly adding the right colors on various spots, like nature for example, grass is green, sky and sea are blue, houses' colors are pretty good too, but for the rest like peoples' clothes the artificial intelligence is just .... guessing. Well, that's how it works and we have to live with it.

So what software / app would you use to correct the clothes / uniforms, can you do that with Gimp ?

I suggest you ask in the Retouching forum where there are several people who are very good at colourisation.

Thanks, I couldn't find the right place for that question, how can I transfer this discussion to that "retouching forum" ?

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