Mac Mini upgrade on a budget

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Re: Mac Mini upgrade on a budget

rb61 wrote:

I have a Mid 2011 Mac Mini

I would like to find something used that could increase speed by approximately 50% for image editing programs.

Time for something newer and I expect 10 years is over its life expectancy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What programs do/would you (like to) use? Do they use multiple cores and/or GPU?
Are you shooting RAW and/or JPEG?

Here's a list of Mac benchmarks:

Your current Mac Mini scores 501 for single-core and 1119 for multi-core.

A 2012 i7-3615QM (2.6GHz, 4-core) scores 665/2613

A 2014 i5-4308U (2.8GHz, 2 core) scores 736/1583.

A 2018 i3-8100B (3.6GHz, 4 core) scores 896/3199

A 2020 M1 (3.2GHz, 8-core) scores 1705/7387 and can be had for €669 at the moment:

As you can see the mult-core scores for 4-core Mac Minis (2012 i7 models and 2018 models) are much better than your (2-core) Mac Mini, but only useful if your software will make use of that.

PS: What's roughly your budget?

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