Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

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Re: Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings (P700 too)

Jamil Abbasy wrote:

Mr Owl wrote:

Yes I agree. They are a little thin for me, lacking in colour depth & colour definition. Especially when using an established print reference image. So I'm glad you brought it up - I have the same model - & you were able to make a difference. I will try that too as I have a colormunki but haven't had a chance to do this yet. Worth going for to achieve better results. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your reply. Glad to know it's not something wrong with the printer. For testing, I am using the horizontal Outback print image you can find here:

My go-to papers, Canson Baryta Photographique and Harman by Hahnehmule Gloss Baryta, don't exist anymore (only giant sheets left) but I still plan to cut down some larger sheets to profile them.

I ordered a bunch of Epson Exhibition Fiber paper and plan to test and profile it this week. Based on all the positive reviews, I'm hoping that will become my new standard. I just wish they made it in 17x25 like the Harman paper. But now with the P900 I have the roll option.

For B/W test I use Keith Cooper's black & white test print, the 51 step one, it's a good one & my P906 performed very well with it.

And I like this reference image as well:

Like you I use Canson Baryta Photographique as well as Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss. I bought a pack of Epson Traditional Photo paper (aka Exhibition Fibre) recently which I'm looking forward to using for the first time. One paper that I really like for the right subject matter is Centurion Metallic Pearl. Great for reddish brown rocks & landscapes, it can really bring out certain colour hues that on normal paper can remain quite dull.

I'm also looking forward to using the roll option.

Enjoy your printing!

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