Canon R5 Hand-Held

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Re: Canon R5 Hand-Held

ColinR2016 wrote:


I'm currently an Olympus user considering investing in the Canon system (either R5 or R6). A lot of my usage is hand-held landscape photography whilst hiking, something the Olympus excels at. However, I keep reading statements along the lines of "to get the best from the R5 you need to use a tripod". How true is that ? I understand the benefits of using a tripod as a compositional aid etc but will you get sharper shots than hand-held ?

Thanks for any help.

What? If anything the IBIS on the R5 will be better than any other camera for hand-held, either way, getting the most out of the R5 by using a tripod is just a ridiculously absurd thing to say and I don't know who said that.

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