Any experience on the 85mm 2,0 and 20mm f3,5 Ai-s?

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Re: Any experience on the 85mm 2,0 and 20mm f3,5 Ai-s?

yray wrote:

For competent opinions on the old lenses I suggest you could check Rørslett's reviews:

He is not too keen on 85/2 ais it seems.

I actually have a copy of 85/1.8 HC, which he likes better. I found though that wide open the bokeh is a bit what they call "nervous", check out the toes:

I like that lens better at f/2.8:

This 85/1.8 HC is not what I would call tiny though, and, IMHO, the 85/1.8 AF-D is probably a better lens optically, not to mention 85/1.4 AF-D, but, as I understand, neither of these is what you're looking for.

Hi and thanks yes i have seen his review and many others and it seems its one of those lenses that makes people very divided hehe. I have the 85 1,4 G and the af-d but want something smaller but still good for the analogue FE2s. So it seems to fit the bill for those, but not if they are poor performers obviously

Haven't seen the 1,8 you referral's to around much but will keep an eye out. cheers!

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