Well What do you think??

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Re: Well What do you think??

I think that Sigma is going to continue being a niche camera and lens manufacturer.

The fp is an example of this. If you really wanted the best video camera, you would probably get a Panasonic S1h. But fp is not without its charm, chiefly its size. That is the point. It has different design choices then the mainstream and will appeal to some when the mainstream doesn't.

I also think though that it is hard for a fovean sensor camera to be your only camera. There are just too many things other cameras can do well that foveans can't. Maybe you need IBIS, or better noise handling, or a better lens selection. (I have had a sudden craving for a long prime.)

If you do astrophotography at all, then a Canon or a Nikon is a natural choice because the astrophotography software can control them. Not so with Sigma.

I think there will be a FFF. I look forward to it. But it won't be my only camera. (Although the posibility of sharing lenses makes the Panasonic l mounts look interesting.)

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