Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

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Re: Any serious cyclist AND photographer here?

shineofleo wrote:

I am in a dilemma between cycling and photography.


Unfortunately, my conclusion is that, once you cycle, well not necessarily 150km but 50km mileage in one run maybe - you can not take photos. ...

However, it is such a good chance for photography when you are cycling!

* You will pass some beautiful scene, which you will not normally see. This is more like landscape photography.

* With a club riding, you may want to take photos of your friends. Either:

- You stop and take some actionshots from a fixed position,

So my question is, how you deal with such dilemma? Do you still try to take photos during cycling? or completely give up?


I am trying to explore the possibility to take good photos while cycling, so any experience is appreciated. Thanks!

covering all bases - not with one process...

cycling with anyone I might normally ride with - 1 or 2 or more (or Sunday 'Worlds') - I can carry a camera/phone but not plan to use it... it is a 'ride' ('Worlds' you only carry gels... LOL!)
'club ride' - plan to suffer - LOL! I did, a few times, do some club ride pics, but did known shortcuts to get into good photo locations... Haven't done any more in a decade...

Solo ride - If... I think I'm going thru areas where there might be some good photo ops...
I tried an Oly E-PL5 with 14-42 ez - very compact, but still a little big (I am a M43 guy...)

Finally settled on Sony Compacts as good carry and quite good IQ/pics. Currently have a HX80 and might go to HX90 - both have viewfinders that work!
I never carry cameras in jersey pockets - way too wet, even with ziplock bag. Pockets are for bars, gels and now 'mask'...
When I want to carry the HX80, it goes onto the HANDLEBAR, in a small/medium seatbag, like this:

usually have enough space to also jam windvest in on those cold eary morning starts. Also keeps potential dirt away, on those rides where the roads are wet/gritty.

But mostly I take the 'pic' with my mind's eye...
in your 70's, it can (and should) no longer be serious... but it can still be fun, long day, biggish miles,
just not as fast...
58 yrs as a dedicated rider/racer , most recent 28 out here in Central CA, USA - not bad, I likie (with occasional trips back to Europe)
A photographer since my dad gave me his Leica iiiF in '60.
The way I see it, a marriage of both is tough. Worth trying, but being ok to give each the time when its right. no regrets.
Oh yes, then there's the wife, the kids and the grandkids... and, and, and...
I could never get over why we need so much time sleeping! LOL!

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