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tim1970 wrote:

I currently own an X-T4 and X-E3. For all of my professional work I shoot in full manual, since I use off camera flash. So, when it comes to my non professional work such as family,events, travel, etc, I have always just kept it in full manual because that is what I am most comfortable with.

However, recently I have noticed at family events I have missed some shots because I was adjusting my shutter speed to get a good exposure. Since all I am doing when not using flash is just "centering my needle" I figure I should start using Aperture priority and letting the camera figure out my SS. For people who do this, do you just pick certain ISO based on the general ambient light, or do you use auto ISO? If you use auto ISO and pick a minimum shutter speed, will the camera always try and use the lowest possible ISO? Also, I have a very nice exposure compensation dial that is rendered useless in full manual, so that should help me some also I would think.

Having always shot in full manual it will be hard for me to give up control of 1 setting (SS), much less a 2nd setting (ISO). Any advice or tips will be appreciated.


Tim, you are an old pro so I know I don't have to explain any basics of EV decisions to you. I understand why you shoot full manual in your paid work with off camera flash and I too grew up shooting full manual (and no AF) and it was fun.

But when you step away from your event or wedding work and put away the off-camera Speedlites or strobes, which you shoot on full manual (vs TTL which is what I would do), I would strongly advise to stop all of this full manual stuff. This is not 1976. 😁 Why torture yourself? We have computers now. We have matrix metering now. We have this wonderful thing called Aperture Preferred, which is a beautiful thing with Fuji.

Yes Tim, for many years I have shot aperture preferred 100% of the time. I adjust from there by changing the aperture to get the speed I want or bumping up ISO, while concentrating on getting the DOF I want for the shot with enough hand-held speed not to cost me my valuable and expensive res.  That simple.

I shoot GFX now and with MF, DOF is scarce and for me DOF rules the roost and having more of it is essential.  We don't like sacrificing res to camera shake, shallow DOF or diffraction, so it is a delicate balance.

My start point is base ISO and F8. If I see I need more hand-held or subject stopping speed, I adjust accordingly with wider aperture or higher ISO. It is really sort of like shooting manual, but just in a different way and with one less variable (but not really, because in full manual you are also deciding on an aperture or speed first too).

Oh yes ... Fuji lenses have those beautiful things called aperture rings, and I like to start by turning one.

For me EV is simple. ETTR, try for base ISO, and get as much DOF as I can buy without bumping ISO too much. IBIS is therefore absolutely necessary in my world in order to shoot hand-held at lower speeds so I can keep ISO at base or near base and still have close to F8 or 11.

That is why some people will pay ten grand for a camera body.... To get IBIS with their GFX. 😎

Now if you are shooting fast moving action, that is a different story of course. But even then one can be aperture priority most of the time because you just set the damn thing wide open and start buying more speed with higher ISO.

And of course we have Auto ISO, which I consider taboo but some of the best photographers in the world use quite happily as they walk around and shoot. They set what EV they want and let the ISO climb automatically to get proper exposure at the unreasonable aperture and speed they set. I don't like that. But I'm probably wrong not to like it.

But we all have our moral boundaries right?

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