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Re: Help with Aperture priority

tim1970 wrote:

I currently own an X-T4 and X-E3. For all of my professional work I shoot in full manual, since I use off camera flash. So, when it comes to my non professional work such as family,events, travel, etc, I have always just kept it in full manual because that is what I am most comfortable with.

However, recently I have noticed at family events I have missed some shots because I was adjusting my shutter speed to get a good exposure. Since all I am doing when not using flash is just "centering my needle" I figure I should start using Aperture priority and letting the camera figure out my SS. For people who do this, do you just pick certain ISO based on the general ambient light, or do you use auto ISO? If you use auto ISO and pick a minimum shutter speed, will the camera always try and use the lowest possible ISO? Also, I have a very nice exposure compensation dial that is rendered useless in full manual, so that should help me some also I would think.

Having always shot in full manual it will be hard for me to give up control of 1 setting (SS), much less a 2nd setting (ISO). Any advice or tips will be appreciated.


I use an XT2, generally in full manual, when i can plan my shots. family gatherings are a different world - the goal is capturing a "decent" shot. so the ideal combo of settings is less important than capturing the moment. only you will know the imperfections,

i think you can comfortably give up ISO control for non-critical images - family gatherings fit that definition to me, and i'll choose an aperture around f/8 or f/11, prefocus and use my "quality" auto-ISO range of 200-1600. i've gotten in the habit (for non-critical work) of returning the camera to a default that's "close enough" so i don't miss the grab shot; for those, i get more generous with ISO and keep my shutter speed high enough to capture most movement. if there are going to be kids or pets running around, i'd consider shutter priority. the manual describes the camera's ISO formula, which is "lowest first".

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