Leica 50mm Summicron collapsible (1117094)

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Re: Leica 50mm Summicron collapsible (1117094)

Thanks. This is from the M10 manual:

• The following cannot be used:

– Hologon 15mm f/8,

  • – Summicron 50mm f/2 with close-up attachment,
  • – Elmar 90mm f/4 with retractable barrel (manufactured from 1954-1968)
  • – Some versions of the Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 (not aspherical, manufactured from 1961-1995, Made in Canada) cannot be attached to the camera or will not focus to infinity. The Leica Customer Care department can modify these lenses so that they can be used on the camera.
  • • The following can be used, but risk damaging the camera or lens: Lenses with retractable barrel can only be used with the barrel extended, i.e. their barrel must never be retracted into the camera. This is not the case with the current Macro-Elmar-M 90mm f/4, as its barrel does not protrude into the camera body even when retracted. It can therefore be used without any restrictions.
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