Nikon z6 ii control rings and buttons - suggested customisations?

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Re: Nikon z6 ii control rings and buttons - suggested customisations?

1. Anyone know how to centre the selected zoom area, once zoomed in? Rather than waiting . . till . . yellow . . . box . . . . . gets . . . . . . . zzzzzz.

Joystick press (which I assigned to center focus point) snaps the zoom area to the center for me.

2. I still don't know how to manually change ISO, and seems it can't be done with either wheel!? Front wheel turns of auto-ISO, then what!? EDIT: The yellow ISO appears after turning OFF auto-iso (thus allowing manual-ISO to be set with back wheel) - I was confused thinking this was auto-ISO (saw yellow, didn't read ).
When auto-iso selected it allows the ISO to be changed with back wheel too, yet this is NOT changing manual-ISO but setting auto-ISO parameters (i think - max, min auto-iso?).

The front wheel switches Auto-ISO mode on and off. With Auto-ISO mode off, the back wheel changes ISO; with Auto-ISO on, the back wheel changes minimum value Auto-ISO will use. Maximum value is set in the menu.

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