Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

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Re: Bought a new Z6 and I am struggling. Please Help.

When my Z6 was new, I tried the Auto setting on the dial. It often picked non-optimal settings, and I didn't know why. I quit trying it pretty soon. The Z cameras have so much control and ability, so I think it's good to learn Aperture and/or Shutter Priority as the usual modes (and then Manual mode for difficult situations). It's a learning curve, but I shot a bunch of test images and got to the point where I know right away what I want to set.

This older post I made about object tracking along with face/eye detection might help you. And I have a U1 dial setting for handing the camera to people not familiar with it, with simple auto settings.

Object and Face detect settings

I normally shoot static scenes, not moving kids. So I usually use AF-S and Aperture mode. Moving the mode dial two clicks to U3 puts me in tracking mode, and doesn't affect my usual settings when I switch back to Aperture later. I like it.

The object tracking works great! Get the white box on the subject, hold the autofocus button (usually a half press of the shutter) and it follows the subject all over the image area. Easy and effective.

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