R5 growing pains

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Re: R5 growing pains

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Also shot some video with it last week. Shot the same event with the R5 and my Mavic 2 Pro drone. 4k video with both, 29.97 FPS. 128 GB cards in both. Halfway thru the event the card in the R5 was full. The Mavic kept recording for the whole show.

The bit rate for these 2 devices are very different - which is why the file size is much larger on the R5. I believe the Mavic is around ~100Mbps, where the R5 is 120, 470, or 930Mbps, depending on the format chosen.

Thank you! I suspected it might be something to do with bit rates.
What kind of horsepower do I need to view and edit the 5R files?
My CPU is Core i7-6700K. It's 4.0 GHz not 3.0 as I said before. I use a wide gamut "10 bit" NEC monitor with the Nvidia Quadro P4000. I wonder if the wide gamut is slowing things down?
I'm using Premiere Premiere Pro 2019 for editing.

If you are shooting video in h.265 like the R5 does it doesn’t really matter how fast your PC is it won’t help. Unfortunately no current PC hardware has built in hardware acceleration for decoding h.265 4:2:2 footage.

Your cheapest option to edit these video files more easily would be to pick up one of the new M1 Mac Minis for under $1000. Pretty much the only video that particular system will struggle with is 8k. But it has hardware acceleration so your 4K videos won’t be a problem

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