Which Camera to buy for erotic photography?

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Re: Which Camera to buy for erotic photography?

Fetishjames wrote:

Hello, i want to invest up to 350 dollars to buy a digital camera for erotic - fetish projects, i also need to control it through my mobilephone (self photographs with timer), which camera do you suggest to buy?

None. I recommend not spending $350 and just using your cell phone until you can buy, or decide to buy a more capable set up to record your erotica. My reasoning is that I think you'd be painfully disappointed when looking back on the shots that you took, if you ever move up to more capable gear.

I highly recommend putting the $350 toward a camera and kit lens, or better a camera and used high quality fast prime lens. I can't recommend a lens as I don't know what you're planning on shooting, but assuming you're shooting indoors, a fast used 35mm lens may be very useful while providing you an aesthetically pleasing result.

Should i go with a dslr or a good compact camera does the job for an amateur like me? I am not a professional photographer, i am an artist that wants to experiment with photography, thanks!

I do not advocate shooting artistic work that has any real value to you with a compact camera, unless shooting it on a compact camera gives the kind of results that you're actually looking to achieve.

... Otherwise, I must say I have to agree with the poster Anders_K  ... (tongue in cheek of course)

Best in luck with your project and best in photography to all of you!

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