Safari constantly reloads certain sites

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Re: Safari constantly reloads certain sites

PSGimages wrote:

You really can't go wrong with Brave, though your issues with Safari sound like a unicorn problem, not something typical of Safari.

Peter, the change in Safari's handling of extensions has adversely affected many people who rely on extensions to enhance their Internet experience, particularly when it comes to online privacy.

The last time I checked most of the extensions I use had not been replaced with Safari-compatible app versions. On the other hand, they are available in the Chrome store and are compatible with Brave. EFF's Privacy Badger has never been compatible with Safari.

I have also experienced a problem with Safari that causes my 2018 Mac Mini/Mojave to restart. When I don't use Safari, the issue disappears.  Again, it is an issue that I have read also affects other Safari users, albeit nowhere near the number of people affected by the lack of extension compatibility.

I am not surprised that user experiences with Safari can vary greatly since our Macs also vary a lot. . . I'm using an older OS along with a number of 32-bit apps and a smattering of aging Finder Menu Bar apps such as ABMenu (which is currently misbehaving on my wife's 2011 MBP/Mojave but doing OK on my Mac). I'm on the lookout for a DragThing replacement since it isn't going to be upgraded to 64-bit. So It Goes. . .

Brave isn't perfect and on rare occasions I need to use Firefox. But Brave is "more perfect" than Safari in a number of key ways for me. Brave requires some tinkering with its default settings to get it stripped-down to what I really need.

I didn't want to stop using Safari because I hadn't found a replacement that clicked with me. Fortunately, I gave Brave another try (my initial experience when it was introduced was not very positive. . .) and it has improved a lot since then.

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