I am a mediocre photographer, but.......

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Re: I am a mediocre photographer, but.......

4x5joe wrote:

Hi all,

Weegee - I took your original post as 'tongue in cheek'. Very well written.

However, I have always wanted to take Luminar 4 for a test drive. I downloaded the 7 day trial version to tinker around after I read your post. I was impressed enough to purchase the one computer license for $67.00

Yikes.  It's been on Humble Bundle for weeks. $25 gets you Luminar 4, Aurora HDR, and a ton of content.

Still worth the $67.

I happily use Adobe products with no complaints in my workflow. This piece of software will be a fun project to learn this winter.

Normally I look up 'promotion codes' with google when purchasing any product. For me, 97% of them never work at checkout time.

Just wanted to share that as of 15 minutes ago, this code gave me $10 off the $67 price.

At checkout, $10 was in fact deducted from the price.

If this helps anyone, here is the code -


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