What do you do with your photos?

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Re: What do you do with your photos?

99+% of the reason I photograph is therapy. I just like photographing things, a lot of times from and angle or perspective no one else sees. I've been taking pictures for ... a long time. my 1st camera was a brownie hawkeye back in the '60's. I got my 1st Canon (a TLq I think) in 1970. when it's out nice I wander around taking photos of whatever, when it's nasty out (like today) I put one of my macro lenses on and get up close and personnel with, again, whatever. Usually 1x - 5x photo of a flower or a piece of rock / crystal in my collection

for what I do with the prints, almost every sq inch of every wall in my condo/apartment is filled with pictures that I cycle thru.

I also live in a 62+ community and have been given an area in the common room to display pictures I have taken of area wildlife / flowers / whatever for others to enjoy. I also volunteer with several area human shelters and photograph the animals and events they have to aid in getting the animals adopted. I print the animal photos on greeting cards for the shelter to send as a thank you to the people who adopted.

so for me, the purpose is the  enjoyment of taking the photo and the post processing. Be it in a darkroom back in the day, or my computer and printer today. And less the finished product.

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