Rokinon/Samyang RF 85 1.4

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Re: Rokinon/Samyang RF 85 1.4

jayk0607 wrote:

I've been eyeing either Rokinon/Samyang RF 85 1.4 or Canon RF 85 2 but I went with former. I understand they are Rokinon and Samyang is same company but B&H had Rokinon at $699 and Samyang at $599 so I went with Samyang. I'd assume they are of same quality? Can anyone comment on this?

Yes, they are the same. Samyang is the Korean manufacturer of the lenses. Rokinon is an American company that has an agreement to release Samyang lenses under their brand name as well. But it's just the same Samyang lens with a Rokinon logo and box.

Also I saw a thread on the autofocus issue but I can't find it. Was the AF issue with R5 only? I have RP.

I've never heard any issues with the R or Rp with this lens. The lens was released after those cameras and none of the reviewers had any issues.

The R6 and 5 had different AF system and had issues. But Samyang has released a lens firmware update to fix it. You do need a dock, which is an extra purchase. So keep that in mind if you buy the lens and upgrade to a new camera in the future.

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