Why would I register my battery?

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Re: Why would I register my battery?

RDKirk wrote:

Giantmike13 wrote:

I don’t know if I totally missed it, but I don’t remember the option to register my batteries on my 5D III. In my new R6, I do have this option when I click Info when in the Battery Info menu.

My question is, “why”? I don’t see anything in the advanced users guide as to why I might want to take this action.

Any insights on why to do this?

They've had battery registration since the 5DII.

The camera has a simple battery analyzer function that can measure the decreasing rechargeability of the battery as it ages, and give you specific notice when the battery is losing capacity from age or damage (that's in the Battery Info menu item).

But to do that, it must be able to identify the battery each time it's put into the camera with a full charge, where it will track how the battery drains with each shot for each charge. That's what registration is for. Each battery has an internal registration number that the camera can read and report to the user (you should put the number on a label so that you can identify the battery yourself). My cameras can hold six registration numbers at a time.

Thank you.  I only have four which support Green H+ so I will register those to see how this feature works.  I have older batteries for older bodies that work but they only support white H+  and not green, but will make do in a pinch.

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