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Re: Canon R5 Hand-Held

I can push the Olympus EM5 III with Panasonic 12-32mm to 1.3-1.6sec with silent shutter hand held vs 2 sec with Canon R5 with 24-105 / 24-240 IS lenses + mech shutter hand held. You have to consider that you have much higher MP with Canon R5 so it exceeded my expectation. One thing is the silent shutter is limited to 0.5sec with R5.

2 sec hand held:,jpg

30 sec supported by railing:

and cropped:

ColinR2016 wrote:


I'm currently an Olympus user considering investing in the Canon system (either R5 or R6). A lot of my usage is hand-held landscape photography whilst hiking, something the Olympus excels at. However, I keep reading statements along the lines of "to get the best from the R5 you need to use a tripod". How true is that ? I understand the benefits of using a tripod as a compositional aid etc but will you get sharper shots than hand-held ?

Thanks for any help.

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